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How Virtual Bookkeeping Works At Cosmic Solutions

Step 1: First Things First!
The first step is doing a drill down on the exact financial situation of the business we are going to handle. We create a plan and figure out what will work for you and what will not.

Step 2: Get the Suitable Workforce
Then it comes to assigning relevant team members. Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, you will get access to a dedicated team that will carry out your accounting and bookkeeping operations.

Step 3: Set up the Essentials
To get started with the work, we will have to process all the relevant information about the finances. Now we will set up the data files to get the accounting software in the action.

Step 4: Get Connected with the client to understand the Internal Process
The next thing we do is communicate with you to understand the overall situation of your finances. This way we get to know what are the things we need to focus on.

Step 5: Make Reports and Statements
After doing all these things, we are in a good situation and can start preparing the financial reports and statements. These reports are prepared on the basis of all the observations we made.

Step 6: This is it, Everything Sorted!
After setting everything in place, we move towards the project completion. At this point we have all the accounting operations going on smoothly.

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